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Kate Buter
Certified Senior Advisor

Kate's Bio

Butler Concierge Services is bonded and insured and offers one-of-a-kind concierge service in Princeton, IL.  For more than a decade, Kate Butler has been taking care of clients’ personal needs. She now brings her dependable, helpful, trustworthy care, helping you to manage you or your loved one's day-to-day activities and needs, big or small.  Kate is a member of her local Rotary Club and a  Certified Senior Advisor who is experienced and informed in the daily challenges that seniors face.  


"During a time of transition, I started doing small tasks for seniors in their homes and quickly discovered that I loved helping them. My heart told me to turn my focus to them! I love helping seniors stay organized and safe in their home. I loved sitting with them and hearing the stories about their lives and occupations. I showed them how to operate the newest technologies of iPads, laptops and cellphones. I did occasional baking or meal preparation for them, ran to the store to pick up a few items or escorted them to their doctor appointments.  My passion for serving people and my entrepreneurial drive allowed me to envision a Personal Concierge Service designed to fill the gaps in the senior services in our area."


Today I own and operate Butler Concierge Services LLC and our new Clarksville, TN branch where we serve the needs of the seniors and others in our community.  If you have a passion for serving people and would like to start your own concierge service, I have authored an Ebook that highlights 12 key concepts to get you operating and generating profits quickly. Check out Kickstart Guide to Starting Your Own Personal Concierge in our Publication Store

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