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Becoming a Personal Concierge

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Born and raised in a large Irish family on Chicago’s south side, I grew up watching my extended family members work hard as carpenters, electricians, machinists, nurses and more. We were also taught to be on time, work hard, be honest and to be loyal to your employer. These were all the qualities of a true old fashioned work ethic which, for my generation, was instilled at a young age. We were also taught that if we had these qualities, we could be successful in anything we did.

My dream was to own my own greenhouse and garden center. I went to a vocational school in high school to learn the skills of a horticulturist and then into college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business. So you might ask how I ended up developing a Personal Concierge Service in a small town in rural Illinois? I believe that we all have dreams, but many times we don’t see them materialize, because we don’t believe enough in ourselves. I never ended up owning and developing that greenhouse business because I allowed my fears to have their way, but there was always an entrepreneurial drive that kept me on the pursuit of business ownership. Over the last several years I employed myself by helping the seniors in our community. I held various positions in the senior care industry and saw the gaps in some of the services seniors require and knew I could fill the need to help support them. My husband Robin and I began putting our ideas together and launched Butler Concierge Services LLC in January 2019. I too, am a senior and am also learning to navigate life after 50. Join me here again in my upcoming posts and I will share with you what I am learning!

I documented my research while building my business. Now when people ask me how I built my 6 figure Personal Concierge Service, I can give them all the important details. I hope you will follow me along this journey of serving people in our community. Especially our lovely seniors!

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