The Gray Tsunami has arrived!

If you are wondering.. "why is Kate doing this?" Over the next few decades Baby Boomers will transform aging in the United States, presenting both opportunities and adversities. In 2017, the United States senior population, 65 and over, quickly rolled past the highest number ever, a historic milestone of 50 million. We crossed the 50 million threshold at the beginning of 2017. The gray tsunami has arrived.

It's the baby boomer segment, along with the longer life expectancy, that creates the surge, and it affects each state in the nation for the next several decades. This increase will result in more Medicare beneficiaries and higher Medicare spending, while fewer citizens pay into the system. The significant shift will cause challenges that we must address. The Data- 75 million babies were born between 1946-1964 - 36,924,413 baby boomers will turn 65 over the next decade. -The number of U.S seniors will climb from just over 50 million in 2017, to 83 million by 2050.

Baby boomers demand high-quality residential care, with an emphasis on privacy and personalization. The demand for LTSS (long-term care support and services) will increase, with attendant trickle-down effects (e.g., the rise of "silver industries" like geriatric care managers, senior relocation specialists, senior concierge services, and certified aging-in-place specialists). Butler Concierge Services desires to be of service to the seniors in our community. Call us today for more information 815-878-9006

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