We are located in " Uberless, Lyftless" transportation desert, for the most part in Bureau County. 

Travel to larger University Medical facilities requires a  clean, new vehicle built for comfort and a "patient" driver and I mean that in both definitions of the word!! 

Traffic patterns change quickly past the friendly open country fields and this is

noticeable entering the busy highways surrounding Chicagoland suburbs. 

The funnel into Chicago Loop, is always challenging, instant changes necessitate your driver to process lanes changes, one way streets, bike, truck and foot traffic, with alert & mindful navigation skills, not to forget, parking! 


Kate Butler delivers, we made all needed stops and I might add had an enjoyable return journey, logging 258 miles in one sunny week day!

For these reasons, I am grateful and highly recommend Butler Concierge Services. 




 Kate Butler worked with my parents as an in-home caregiver and coordinator starting in 2012 when my mother broke her knee. Kate immediately built a strong relationship with my mother, and continued to build and deepen her relationship with both my mother and father over the next 5 years of service.


Over that time period, Kate performed a wide range of tasks with efficiency, accuracy, and high quality. Examples of the tasks she performed included serving daily meals, performing daily chores and housekeeping, coordinating doctors’ appointments as well as providing transport and accompaniment for appointments, assisting in bill-paying and business correspondence, computer assistance, and coordinating of home maintenance and repair appointments.

Equally importantly, Kate provided caring companionship and became someone that the entire family, both parents and adult children, could rely upon. She consistently provided sound insights into my parent’s health and wellbeing and sound judgement regarding their welfare when difficult choices arose. Throughout any number of minor and major needs, Kate was there to provide practical help and emotional support.

As time went on, Kate also became responsible for overseeing a 24/7 in-home care team for my parents, enabling them to stay in their own home for another 2-plus years. Scheduling the combined team took discipline, strong coordination skills, and team leadership to accomplish successfully week after week. Without this assistance, and the trust we had in Kate’s judgement and skills, this just wouldn’t have been possible. Her dedication to my parent’s individual needs was clearly evident in all of her activities.

In summary, Kate Butler is someone who can be relied upon to perform tasks efficiently and effectively, with a positive and caring attitude. She is someone you can trust to get the job done!

Sheila Bloodgood and the Prendergast Family, Princeton, IL

To whom it may concern: l am one satisfied customer that has used Butler Concierge Services in the past. I have no complaints and Kate made our trip to Northwestern in Chicago for my hip replacement surgery quite comfortable, very safe and enjoyable. She also has a business to support seniors with everyday household chores to allow them to live confidently and comfortably in their own homes. Time is money and she is punctual,efficient and outstanding in other services she provides. Including the busy career focused like my daughter who used her cleaning services. I can confidently make this recommendation of the business Butler Concierge Services is great for the upward and busy professionals to the home bound senior needing that extra service to have the ability to stay comfortably in their home with dignity.

Sincerely, Sally A. Pelszynski